Naval Deck™

Battle tested against, fungus, abrasion, and hazards of Naval operations.

 Biological testing has proven that Naval Deck™ is rated as Durability Class 1 according to CEN/TS 15083-1. Soil block tests at Yale University indicate that Naval Deck™ is Superior to Teak and White Oak. The New York Naval shipyard found that Naval Deck™ holds wood screws at withdrawal loads about one third greater than Teak. Service trials performed on the landing decks of aircraft carriers indicates that Naval Deck™ wears at least as well as Teak under these rigorous conditions.

The appearance of Naval Deck™ is enhanced by what the US Forest Products Laboratory Calls “a golden sub luster” and what the Center for Wood Anatomy Research calls “unusual subsurface luster” A coating of Teak oil is all that is needed to bring that golden luster to life. The underlying color of Naval Deck™ is mid – range brown to reddish brown often with subtle bands of purplish hues.

Only Creations of Nature can endure the tests of Nature

Naval Deck™ is the intelligent choice for residential and commercial exterior decking.


Durability - Beauty - Value

York Harbor deck natural

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