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1. What is the business philosophy of Pure Science International, Inc?

Pure Science International's primary mission is to provide products and services that will enhance the state of health, wellness, longevity and quality of life of its customers. This is our mission for every product or service that bares our name, whether manufactured, marketed or distributed by Pure Science International and its marketing partners.

2. How good is your manufacturing and what rules or guidelines do you follow?

A total commitment to excellence in product development, manufacturing and customer support, solidifies Pure Science International's position as the supplier of choice for nutritional supplements, skin Care, oral care and Health & Beauty Products to retailers and customers alike, in more than 40 countries around the world.  Pure Science International's products are manufactured in compliance with world class Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Pure Science International's dietary supplements are regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, as well as health and safety laws within each of the 40+ countries where Pure Science International products are sold and distributed.

3. What type of people run Pure Science International, Inc?

Pure Science International is managed by a diverse senior team with professional backgrounds in medicine, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, marketing and other key vertical professional specialties.  For our worldwide corporate and distribution partners, Pure Science International's support services include:  international regulatory affairs support, product registration, distribution support, marketing, product formulation, brand development, advertising, promotion, branding, sales, customer service, training, and consulting.

4. How do you decide which products to develop?

Although Pure Science International has more than 3,000 formulas in it’s research & development files; only the products that address the real concerns of our customers are manufactured.  Any company can manufacture a Vitamin C or a fish oil supplement of other standard nutrients; therefore, we focus our attention and skills on developing products that are meaningful in our daily lives. We draw information from any and all reliable sources of study and information to be on the leading edge of technology. With our product focus on such critical areas of concern as detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, sexual and menopausal support, anti-aging, energy support and critical issues in skin care, Pure Science International has positioned itself to be a company of first choice of customers in the US and in 40+ countries.

5. Other than the Internet, where can I purchase your products?

In the US, you can purchase product from our retail partners. In fact, you may already be buying our formulas since a number of leading supplement and skin care entities in the US, have Pure Science International manufacture and package its products under a private label or brand chosen by their customer.  Internationally, our products can be purchased from our network of exclusive distributors in more than 40 countries around the world.

6. What’s your product warranty?

Pure Science International warrants that at the time of delivery, each product meets the product formulation specifications set forth on the product label.


7. OK; what’s your return policy?

Pure Science International products that are purchased directly from Pure Science International by an end-user Customer may be returned by Customer in accordance with the Policies, Terms and Conditions in effect on the date of the invoice. If we made an error shipping a different product, please contact us via e-mail at: info@ purescienceintl.com. We will reply to you on how to return items to our facility. If you are not satisfied with the products of your order, we only can receive returns for unopened and unused products. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges in case of displeasure. We don’t charge restocking fees.

Returns are to be made within 30 days after you received your order.

Please send items for returns to the address listed below:

Pure Science International

25108-A Marguerite Parkway #72

Mission Viejo, California 92692

8. If I buy from you on-line, how secure is my personal information?

We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from our site, you provide your name, credit card information, address, phone number and email address. We use this information to process your orders, to keep you updated on your orders and to personalize your shopping experience. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANY THIRD PARTY!

We utilize secure servers to protect your information using the most advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology available.

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