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PSI introduces patented liposomal delivery system to its products!

Traditionally, compounds delivered orally are encapsulated, compressed into tablets or suspended in various solutions.  While this provides a means of delivery, it does little to protect the compound from the chemical degradation that occurs in the acidic environment of the stomach, the enzymatic digestion in the alimentary canal or the oxidative metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall.  Thus, to ensure that an adequate or therapeutic amount of a compound will be delivered, a surplus of the compound is necessary as some will be inevitably be lost.  This “inefficiency” leads to increased cost, a greater likelihood for adverse events, gastro-intestinal discomfort, toxicity due to excessive peaks and variable bioavailability.

Liposomes are simple, non-toxic “bubbles” which envelope the compound in its membrane..  This protects the compound from enzymatic attacks and allows it to pass, still enveloped, into the systemic circulation.  The compound can then be released either in a timed release fashion at specific tissue sites or relatively quickly allowing for broader application.*

Liposomes mimic a cell, or more accurately a platelet.  The liposome shell is composed of an outer layer that is hydrophilic, or water soluble.  The middle of the Liposome shell consists of two layers being lipophilic, or fat soluble, but also hydrophobic or water repelling.  The inner coating of the liposome contains the actual compound.*

Our patented liposomal delivery technology has bridged the gap between the medical and supplement industries.  We are the first (and only) company that had the scientific insight to utilize a scientifically proven process of encapsulating amino acids and protecting them from the caustic hydrochloric acids in the stomach.  For the first time you can actually absorb up to 85% of the ingredients that you take and have them available over an extended period of time.*

This process within our Clear Beauty™ Skin Care product line; will allow the product to be absorbed to all 7 layers of the users skin.  

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